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Vittoria Barzo XC Trail Tire (29 x 2.25in, TLR)

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The reinforced XC racing tire for all conditions + mixed terrain

The surest way to win a race is get the hole shot and maintain a gap to the finish. The surest way to DNF is to cut the hole shot too close and shred a side wall. The reinforced Barzo XC Trail helps achieve the former and alleviate the latter, grinding watts into the trail and incorporating additional protection on the sidewall.

The alternating center knobs roll fast, and moto-style shoulder knobs bite hard while cornering. Siping throughout increases grip under lateral loads, helping to maintain speed across terrain of all types, and spacious knob placement cleans muck and loamy soil.

Technology Explained:

The Barzo XC Trail blends four Graphene-infused compounds to minimize rolling resistance on the center strip and maximize confident grip on the shoulders. The 120-TPI nylon XC Trail TLR casing is durable and supple, and the abrasion-resistant structure is reinforced with additional sidewall protection.


  • Size: 29 x 2.25in
    • ETRTO: 55-622
    • Color: Anthracite
    • Weight: 680g
    • Hookless Rim Compatible: Yes

Graphene 4C Compound: Rubber, infused with Graphene in a graduated schedule of four compounds across the rolling strip and shoulders. Two stabilizing base compounds boost puncture resistance and create a foundation for climbing, braking, and cornering loads. The trail-side compounds reduce rolling resistance, boost traction, and get tacky on switchbacks and off-camber sections, wet or dry. 

XC-Trail TLR Reinforced 120-TPI Casing: A reinforced racing casing, the XC-Race TLR combines a durable, supple 120-TPI nylon construction with additional protection on the sidewalls. Responsiveness, muted chatter, and supple trail feel with a little extra anti-puncture insurance – when XC gets gnarly, the XC-Trail TLR goes off. 

Tried & tested by @BikeWrenchPH & and the Tambay Cycling Hub Team

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