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Super Minor Services (w/ product)

  • Services that would take under 30 minutes to finish
  • Lights, locks, bottle cages, bells, horns, grips

Minor Services (w/ product)

  • Services that would generally take under 1 hour to finish
  • Tires, pedals, bar tapes, handlebars, stems, seatpost, saddle, chains, shifters, front/rear derailleurs, cables, mechanical brakes, brake pads, cassettes, disc brake rotors

Major Services (w/ product)

  • Services involving installation/replacement of parts/items that require specific/niche tools and processes, and would generally take under 2 hours to finish
  • Forks, cranks, bottom brackets, RD hanger, fender, racks, baskets, internal cabling

Mechanical Services (labor only)

  • Services that do not have products / purchases involved. Pure service / labor only
  • Bike wash, basic tune-up, wheel alignment & tensioning
  • Super minor, minor & major services listed above

Special Services (labor only)

  • Services that require specific/niche tools and considerable effort and would take over 2 hours
  • Hydraulic brakes bleed / repair, wheel building, bike overhaul, bike building, parts transplant


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