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Surly New Hubs (Single Speed)

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Thanks for checking out Surly New Hubs. They were designed to be versatile, adjustable, and durable. They are not lightweight, flashy, or expensive…that’s not really our thing. Like other Surly® products, New Hubs get you on the road or trail and keep you there, without emptying your wallet.


  • Over-locknut dimensions: 100mm front, 120mm track rear, 130mm road rear, 135mm mountain rear.
  • Hub body: Forged and machined 6061 aluminum. 32 or 36 holes. Black or silver anodized with a laser-etched logo.
  • Bearings: Adjustable, full-complement, angular-contact, sealed cartridge. All New Hubs use 7901 bearings.
  • Axles: Solid or QR, non-proprietary, CroMoly. Front axle…145x9x1, Rear track axle…174x10x1, Rear mountain or road axle…180x10x1. You can swap out the stock, solid axles for QR-type axles, if you choose.

Freewheel thread hubs accept English (1.375 x 24tpi) freewheels. Track/Fixed thread hubs accept English track cogs (1.375 x 24tpi) and left-hand threaded lockrings (1.29 x 24tpi LH). Be sure to thoroughly grease the threads on your hub, freewheel and/or cogs and lockrings before installing them. Axle nuts should be greased and torqued to 35-40 ft/lbs.

Bearing adjustment may be necessary, before your New Hub is put into service.

Axles should be free-spinning with no side-to-side play. Also, make sure the locknuts are tight against the inner sleeve nut/cone. If you lack proper tools or mechanical aptitude, leave this to a professional bicycle mechanic. Occasional bearing adjustments throughout the life of the hub are normal and recommended. When replacing bearings, use only 7901 type cartridge bearings. These are direction-specific and require the black-colored seal to face outwards. Failure to install and adjust these correctly will result in premature bearing failure.

Note: Two reasons why our track hubs don’t always fit perfectly with other track cogs.

  1. Our hubs have ISO standard threads: 1.375"x 24 TPI (34.92mm x 1.058mm). This threading was chosen due to its compatibility with other threads used on bicycle cogs. ISO threads fit English and Italian threads almost perfectly. It is important not to switch back and forth between cogs and/or hubs with different threads. FYI, French threading (34.7mm x 1mm) is not compatible with Surly hubs.
  2. We’ve found that the inside diameter of cog threads can vary wildly from brand to brand. In particular, cogs with a stamped thread hole (vs. machined thread hole) are the most common culprits of having an oversized inside diameter. The resulting combination of an aluminum hub and a steel cog with an oversized thread hole will be stripped threads on the hub. Since our hubs have a standard ISO tolerance, most good quality cogs with (non-French) ISO cogs should work fine. In certain cases, only a professional mechanic will be able to determine the difference between a good fitting cog and a poor fitting cog. Use of poorly fitting cogs will void the hub warranty. If in doubt, call a pro!! Since we only control the quality and size tolerances of all our own products, we heartily recommend using Surly cogs and Surly lockrings with Surly Hubs to assure the best fit.



  • Forged and machined 6061 aluminum body
  • Full-compliment, adjustable, sealed cartridge bearings
    • 120mm: 42.5mm (Track Spacing)
    • 130mm: 47.5mm (Road Spacing)
    • 135mm: 53.5mm (MTB Spacing)

*Quick release skewers sold separately