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Shimano Claris ST-RS200 Shifter / Brake Lever for 2 x 8 Speed Flat Bars

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SHIMANO CLARIS - RAPIDFIRE PLUS - Shift/Brake Lever - Flat Bar Road - 2x8-speed

The SHIMANO CLARIS RS200 Shift/Brake levers offer a clean cockpit for flat handle bar bicycles.


  • Optical Gear Display tells you which gear position is selected while riding your bike. You can see how many gears you can select either on the low side or top side, which makes shifting control easier.
  • Optislick cables to improved routing efficiency and corrosion resistance.
  • Reach Adjust mechanism allows lever adjustment for a range of hand sizes, type of riding, and individual preferences.
  • Rapidfire Plus for quick shifting up to three gears down in one stroke. 2Way-Release control via pull of the index finger or push of the thumb.


  • MODEL NO: ST-RS200-L & ST-RS200-R
  • SERIES: CLARIS R2000 Series
  • Color: Series Color (Slate Grey)
  • Shifting Lever Outer Casing Lever Side: OT-SP41
  • Shifting Lever Outer Casing Rear Derailleur Side: OT-SP41 Sealed
  • Shift Lever Front Speeds: 2
  • Shift Lever Rear Speeds: 8
  • Brake Lever Clamp Band: 22.2mm
  • Shifter Type: RAPIDFIRE PLUS
  • Shift Lever Cable Outer Casing Lever Side: OT-SP41
  • Shift Lever Cable Outer Casing Rear Derailleur Side: OT-SP41 Sealed
  • Lever Type: RAPIDFIRE PLUS Brake Lever Super SLR ✔
  • Bracket Cable Adjuster Bracket ✔
  • Brake Lever Reach Adjust ✔
  • Shift Lever Cable Inner Cable Steel ✔
  • Shifting Lever OPTICAL GEAR DISPLAY ✔
  • Shift Lever Cable Inner Cable OPTISLICK ✔
  • Shifting Lever Shifting Lever Cable Shipping Condition Pre-assembled ✔