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Philippine Map- INDI Heritage Socks (Adult)

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Series : Philippine Icons

Design symbolism: Hard work, respect, determination and friendliness

Materials: 100% cotton (with spandex and elastic)




INDI is a social enterprise that works to reinvigorate pride in our culture and heritage. It also desires to give back to the communities that struggle to keep this alive. We at INDI, envision a nation where our heritage becomes an integral part of our modern day lives.

INDI Heritage Socks is a lifestyle brand that renders cultural and traditional handmade weave patterns on premium quality socks using advanced computerized machines. 

Each individual is unique and has a proud story to tell. Like INDI Heritage Socks, each story is neither plain blacl, white or grey. Each individual is a free-thinker, an independent mind. The person's story is as special, as intricate and as colorful as each INDI design. INDI aims to use ths socks as the individual's means of self-expression.

INDI works hand in hand with the Indigenous People. Their master designers and weavers pemit INDI to render their designs and share the stories that come with it. The master designers also provide guidance on the appropriate use of the patterns to ensure that the communities' customs, practices and ideas are respected.

A portion of the proceeds are funneled back to the Indigenous People to fund activities that will revitalize their culture and livelihood, thus promoting a sustainable enterprise model.

INDI is proud of the traditional weave patterns and symbols, a practice handed down from generation to generation. INDI is grateful for our natural heritage, the flora and the fauna. INDI adores our unique and peculiar pop-culture that we as a people have developed. INDI embraces all of these in its designs. 

INDI's heart is in our roots. We are proud of it. You should be too.