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MOB Mini Hand Pump with In-Line Gauge

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Hand pumping tires have never been easier with the MOB Handpump because of its dual-action pump that gives out more air with every little pump. This inflates your flat tire(s) much faster than normal as it moves air both when you push the plunger in and when you pull it out off the valve. 

Its compact reliability doesn’t stop there, as it is reversible from Presta to Schrader valve and vice versa, you can use it on every tire type possible.


  • Dual Action pump
  • Makes pumping easy even on high PSI
  • with PSI gauge up to 100 psi
  • Presta to Schrader reversible
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Black
  • Thumb lock lever
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Frame mounting bracket & bottle cage bolts included