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Microshift Sword Gravel Groupset (Shifter, Crankset, Cassette, Rear Derailleur)

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Sword: Modern Components with an Analog Soul

Our Manifesto:

Our competitors are pushing top-of-the-line road products, and we think that’s cool. Electronic, wireless, hydraulic — that stuff is all neat.


We believe the world still needs a really good cable-actuated group.

That’s where Sword comes in. It has modern ergonomics, wider cassette range for big climbs, and a fully mechanical design that’s easy to service and adjust.

It’s a new school, fully featured gravel group that’s easy to own. Classic microSHIFT.

Bike Parts for Reality

There are plenty of companies making components to elevate your fantasy bike. Sword is designed for reality.

It’s super easy to install and adjust. It has the right ergonomics and gear range for long days in the saddle. And with performance like this, you may never charge your derailleur again.

Available in Two Flavors:

  • 1x10 Adventure / Bike-Packing / Rowdy Days. 40T x 170mm Crankset with 11/48t Cassette. Left drop bar lever does not include an integrated dropper seatpost remote.
  • 2x10 Fast Gravel / Group Rides / Long Days: 46/29T x 170mm Crankset with 11-38t Cassette.

Comfort = Control

DESIGNED FOR FLARED BARS: Sword hoods have a rounded outer curve to support the hand without any hard edges to create pressure points. Whether you’re riding with 45 degrees of flare or 0, you’ll appreciate Sword’s dialed ergonomics.

TEXTURED HOOD FOR SOLID GRIP: With raised traction patterns and grippy rubber on the hoods and shift levers, you won’t slip even if things get a little soggy.
HIGH PIVOTBRAKE LEVER: To deliver more leverage and reduce reach, we moved the brake lever pivot point to a higher position on the shifter body.

We also updated the design to pull slightly more cable than a standard road lever, giving you a little extra braking power when you need it.

Cut Climbs to Ribbons


Climbing is hard work, there’s no way around it. But, you can make it easier on yourself with the gearing you choose. At this point in drivetrain history, compact doubles are a little bit old school. Modern gravel groups are pushing lower gears to help maintain cadence even when the road gets steep, and Sword is firmly in that new-school camp.

Sword 2x has a low gear 24% lower than a compact road double. Sword 1x with a 40t chainring goes 17% lower. Whether you’re bike-packing or riding a Tour de France stage, this extra gear range will help you get to the end of the ride in one piece.


Compact Road Double

Sword 2x

Sword 1x


50 - 34

46 - 29



11 - 34

11 - 38

11 - 48

Lowest Gear Ratio




All Mechanical for Easy Adjustments on the go

CHANGE CABLE TENSION WITH AN ALLEN WRENCH: The cable housing stop on the front derailleur is adjustable, meaning that once the derailleur cable has been attached, you can tighten or loosen your cable tension with a 3mm hex bolt on the top of the derailleur.
ORBITAL BARREL ADJUSTER FOR SMOOTH CABLE ROUTING: Many road and gravel bikes have internal cable routing, which can make it challenging to route the derailleur housing.
We’ve developed an industry first: an orbital barrel adjuster that allows 15 degrees of rotation in any direction. This allows the cable housing to find the path of least resistance and lessen cable friction in the process.
QUICK AND EASY REACH ADJUSTMENT: Sword’s shift and brake levers are totally separate, which allows them to be adjusted independently for customized reach. Just roll back the hood and start dialing away.
SILENT CLUTCH WITH INSTANT ENGAGEMENT: We redesigned our ratchet and pawl clutch from the ground up with two goals: instant engagement, and quiet operation. The new Sword derailleur delivers both. When it’s time to remove the rear wheel, just rotate the integrated switch on the cage pivot to deactivate the clutch. Sure, it won’t help you ride faster, but it’s easy to use and disappears when you’re not using it.

FULLY REPLACEABLE CAGE: Need to replace a damaged cage? We designed the cage swap process to be as user-friendly as possible, with just three screws required to attach the new cage assembly.

EASILY SWITCH FROM 1X TO 2X AND BACK AGAIN: The only difference between the Sword 1x and 2x derailleurs is the cage. With an aftermarket replacement cage, you can easily switch between the two without the need to buy a whole new derailleur.
The crankset is also the same between groups, just switch the rings from 1x to 2x or vice versa, and you’ll be good to go. And since the BCD is 110/80mm asymmetric like one of the larger drivetrain brands, there’s a wide variety of aftermarket rings available as well.
*Bottom Bracket, Chain & Brake Calipers sold separately. Dropper lever not integrated in 1x grouper.

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