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Turquoise/Sunset Orange Panaracer Gravelking SS Tires (Ltd Ed., Semi Slick, Gravel, Folding, Tubeless)

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The SS features an all-new tread pattern consisting of a smoother, diamond pattern center with more aggressive side lugs. This tread pattern allows the rider to keep speed going into corners and maintain control throughout any transition a gravel ride could present. The GravelKing SS incorporates a supple 126 TPI casing with a nylon puncture resistant belt and Panaracer’s proprietary ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) compound.

It's the ultimate gravel tire. Available in 700 x 38, and 43c it's fully hookless rim and tubeless compatible.

Sunset orange was inspired by the glowing orange sky that can only be seen at the end of the day and after an amazing ride. Turquoise is reminiscent of the summer sky, which symbolizes positivity, happiness, and possibilities.


  • Ideal for gravel, dirt, and rough payment
  • Only 460 grams in 38c
  • Folding (Aramid) Bead
  • Available in 700c and 38 or 43c tire widths
  • TLC (TLR/Tubeless) and Hookless Compatible