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Clement FRJ Tire 29 x 2.25in

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FRJ is the airport code for Frejus, France, where the famous Roc d' Azure mountain bike festival takes place every year.

The FRJ tire is an all-purpose XC tire designed to get you through all kinds of surfaces and conditions. With segmented, wide-spaced knobs and a high-volume casing, you get the best in traction and shock absorption. This tire was designed and tested by pros, so you know it will perform at a high level.

Designed for speedy performance in loose, technical trail conditions, the Clément FRJ features a short, open center tread and larger side lugs. This design rolls quickly on hard-pack, tosses mud, and hooks up coming through the corners.


  • Protective Belt
  • Superior edge control with the proven PDX side knob
  • Fast cross country tire
  • Soft rubber for shock absorption and grip
  • High-volume, lightweight construction


  • Weight: 635g per tire
  • Casing: 60tpi
  • Bead: Folding Clincher
  • ETRTO: 53-622
  • PSI: 30 to 65
  • Bar: 3.4 to 5.9
  • Compound: Single 60a

Confidence on the road, in the corners, in the ride. The Clement ride.

Sold individually, not in pairs.