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Biologic Joule 3 Dynamo Hub (Front)

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A hub dynamo is the ultimate green power source because it generates electricity while you ride—no batteries or recharging required. The Joule 3 is one of the very lightest and smallest dynamo hubs on the market and is one of only a handful that exceeds the High Efficiency (HE) 70% threshold. Say goodbye to batteries. Winner of a Eurobike award, the Joule 3 meets German StVZO standards for a 6V/3W hub—meaning it can power both a front and rear light.

The award-winning BioLogic Joule 3 is one of the lightest, most efficient bicycle dynamo hubs on the market. Its patented magnet configuration yields barely noticeable drag. Polishing, laser etching, and a precision machined flange pattern deliver high performance in a beautiful small package. Available in disc and non-disc brake versions.


The Joule 3 is so efficient that there’s no noticeable drag even as it’s powering your lights. Most other dynamo hubs are much less efficient; the lower the efficiency, the more drag you feel when you’re riding.


  • 73% generator efficiency—one of the most efficient
  • Lightest version weighs only 356 g
  • One of the lowest drag of all dynamo hubs
  • Ultra-compact, super-lightweight design
  • Dynamo hub can be switched on or off to eliminate drag when not in use
  • 73% efficiency in lab testing
  • German StVZO compliant (6V, 3W)
  • Available in 2 sizes: 20 holes and 32 holes


  • Material: Aluminum Housing
  • 20 hole width: 74mm
  • 32 hole width: 100mm
  • 20 hole weight: 355g
  • 32 hole weight: 656g
  • Compatible Tern Products: Valo 2 Dynamo Light
  • Quick Release Skewer included

*Dynamo hub only, light sold separately