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Ashima Pro-G Brake Shoes for Road Calipers (57mm pads)

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  • RPMx Rubber/Plastic Matrix Pads
  • High strength engineering grade PA 6.6-40% GF used for padholder interface
  • Pro-G Compound: This compound is made of multiple natural materials, and has a high coefficient for friction. Pro-G compound has high water repellency which can enhance the braking performance, especially in wet conditions.
  • Superior fit between pad and holder. Rubber molding tolerance +/-0.3mm. Plastic molding tolerance +/- 0.05mm
  • Vastly improved production stability. Rubber mold tool 60-80 cavities vs plastic 1 LH & 1 RH
  • Ultra-stiff pad. Reduces compression of rubber; giving more responsive, better performing brakes for improved rider safety.
  • Impossible to accidently remove pad from holder whilst removing / fitting wheels, unlike standard rubber pads
  • Reduced weight
  • Air-Flow cooling
  • Wear-Dot Indication


  • Brake Pad Version: Brake Shoe
  • Brake Pad For: Alloy Brake Surface
  • Manufacturer Item Code: ARS73Rx-P-PG
  • Two pads for one wheel only (two sets needed per bike)
  • Caliper Compatibility: Shimano, SRAM, or other road rim brake calipers