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Ashima AiNEON Rotor Discs (6 Bolt)

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Ashima's AiNeon disc brake uses the same stainless steel rotor as their popular Ai2 rotor with an alloy carrier. The alloy carrier can reduce weight (mostly noticeable on the larger rotors) but is mainly used by Ashima to manage heat, producing better brake performance. The six included bolts are AL-7075 and anodized with locking washers.



  • AiRotor technology taken to the limit!
  • No other composite rotor even comes close
  • Braking Annulus: High grade SUS410 stainless steel Ground and Hardened to HRC 47
  • Spider: Aero grade 7075-T6 heat treated alloy
  • Bolts: 6pcs 7075
  • Exceptional Heat Dissipation from the braking annulus, due to high thermal conduction of the spider
  • Fully Tested-Beyond all Standards
Product Number / Rotor Size Weight (g)
ARO-10-140-XX 63
ARO-10-160-XX 71
ARO-10-180-XX  88


Due to extreme low mass Ai2 Rotors heat-up more than heavier rotors which may adversely impact some lower spec systems during prolonged braking events. However, conversely due to the extreme low mass they also cool very fast, so with proper/normal braking consideration the heating/cooling effect can be balanced.