Barangay Bike Shop

Group picture of our team
Meet our Crew & Tambike Tayo!
Picture of Aneka
Aneka: Community Manager
Dream Bike: Surly Crosscheck, preferably not black since everyone else has that already. The gearing should shift so smoothly that climbing becomes a joy. I'm not big on components or brands, I just need them to be reliable and extra sturdy, especially for my WTF riding style. I'll just ask Eugene for help.
Picture of Eugene, aka Bike Wrench PH
Eugene: Senior Technician & Workshop Manager
Dream Bike: Canyon Stoic 3 with Rockshox Pike Ultimate 150mm fork, Shimano XTR M9000 groupset, Pro Koryak carbon components, Nobl carbon rims on Onyx racing hubs with Berd spokes, Continental Der Baron front tire & Continental Der Kaiser rear tire.
Picture of Rey
Rey: Junior Mechanic
Dream Bike: Ridley X-Ride Disc frame in red, converted to flat bars & carbon fork.
Picture of Kevin
Kevin: Founder
Dream Bike: Pedal Assist Mamachari
 Picture of Tal
Tal: Co-Founder
Dream Bike: Electric Cargo Bike for Risque Designs

Our cats, Pomelo and Pina, snuggling in the nook of a cat tower together.
Piña: Shop Cat (Gray)
Dream Bike Ride: I startle easily and don't like to be too close to people, so I hope we can have more car-free streets soon! I would ride out with Momma Tal to a relaxing gravel trail to get away from the chaos of Metro Manila's roads.
Photo of our orange kitten, Pomelo, in the bike wash gravel area next to Tal's bike.
Pomelo: Shop Cat
Dream Bike Ride: I loved being brought home via Momma Tal's Polygon bike & I enjoy riding Poppa Kevin's red tricycle around the house. I'm training to be a bike basket cat in the future!
Evin: Delivery Operator
Goofy group picture of our team with only our heads visible peering out through the shop's entry gate